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Wedding Video Toasts

Traditionally weddings have a segment in the reception where members of the family and friends toast the wedding couple. Over the years the toasts have been gradually limited to the bridal party and now it seems only the best man and the maid of honor get to speak. Today's wedding typically moves at a faster pace, but people still have the desire to wish the couple well. This is how the Memory Maker Photo Booth and Video Both combination allows your guests to leave a wedding toast for the newly married couple. Instead of hiring a videographer to canvas the crowd to get toasts out of people, the Memory Maker Video Booth is stationed in a prominent place and allows your guest to toast the couple when they are ready and allows them to gather their thoughts. Your guest will not be inimidated by speaking to a large crowd or be interrupted by videographer soliciting for wedding toasts.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the toasts your guest will leave you. Typically one machine will get anywhere between 15 - 30 min of video toasts. Not all your guests will do video toasts because some people are just plain camera shy, but most of them will and have a blast in the process.

Common Guest Video Wedding Toasts

- You Look Fantastic!
- Marriage Advice
- Wonderful Reception
- Keep God in your Marriage
- Have Plenty of Children
- Never Go to Bed Angry

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